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a new place

Updated: Feb 25

We are so busy with the logistics of starting a new life that time to keep friends posted is scarce. My apologies to everyone. Here is the overall update of what we managed to get done in the first three weeks.

Our new place is a long-term rental that, as Simon says, checks all the boxes. We are looking forward to all the letters and postcards. If you know you are heading to this part of the world, do reach out to us. One of the boxes to check was having enough space for friends to sleep over.

The first think we bought for our new home was a French press; coffee is essential. After that, naturally, came a coffee table, which could strangely double as a boogie board. Followed closely by a measuring tape and a set of magnifying glasses to have a good look at the place and see how it measures up. Then came a washing machine, refrigerator, and three inflatable mattresses, a loan from a friend of a friend.

We found a new school for Filip and he is starting on Monday. His summer break is shortened to three weeks as he will be in school till early December. Because Kiwis have three hefty breaks throughout the school year with each being two weeks long, it does not seem as painful. The new school is like his old school given that both run Montessori and IB programs. I find comfort in this. I am also very curious to find out about how the Montessori method is implemented in New Zealand classrooms. That is a plan for the future, though.

When we bought our house in Madison 12 years ago, we received a gardenia plant as a housewarming present from our friends May and Marios. We had that plant for the whole 12 years, but we could not take it with us. It was one of the hardest things for Filip to part with. I find it reassuring that there is a huge gardenia bush growing right in front of what will be his room at the new house. The bush is over six feet tall and we found it covered with dried up blossoms, so many that they filled four large planters. Other plants that came with the house are two rows of lavender, two palm trees, some hydrangeas that are in need of love and water, and an overgrown magnolia bush. Needless to say, I can't wait for the next flowering season.


© Magdalena Urbankova