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Updated: Feb 12

When a kid asks you "But why do you have to leave?" what do you answer when you don't really have to leave, but choose to. All three of us chose the move freely and consciously; somehow that made saying goodbye to all of our friends harder. We did not have the external pressure that would explain "why we have to leave." We had the inner need "to be who we wish to be and to seek what we wish to seek."

We gave our farewells to the people and places that shaped and nurtured us, places that we held close to our hearts, not knowing when we will see them again.

We were ready to go with our hearts at peace after the last evening with friends and music. With the reinforcing message found on their sofa, the One Ring to Rule Them All in our luggage and a parting song to play in our ears, the cycle was closed.


© Magdalena Urbankova